With Confidence...
...even if you're intimidated by manufacturers, have never created a tech pack, and you don't have an endless bank account!
With the Apparel Line Start Up System, You Will:
  •  Confidently interview and hire manufacturers for your line,
  •  Learn the options that work best for YOU to secure first- year funding for your line,
  •  Create a social marketing system to laser-focus in on your ideal buyers...the ones who won't be able to stop buying  your line,
  •  Build quality and compliance into your line (and flaunt it as a SELLING POINT instead of being afraid of it) by mastering all the quality, performance,  and compliance standards that apply to YOUR product, all in the most cost effective way possible,
  •  Organize your apparel development process so that you can spend your precious time designing, instead of spending hours  chasing paper, swatches, and samples. 
  •  Establish all the must-have agreements and boundaries you need to have in place with manufacturers so that you production  process runs smoothly and free of headaches,
  •  Effectively handle production issues and quality issues when they happen so they don't impact your business.
  • The apparel industry is expected to grow to $2.0 trillion dollars by 2018. That's trillion with a T! (Business of Fashion)
  • Every second, 3 startups are launched, and almost as many fail. (
  • Lack of efficiency, lack of experience, no stable supply chain, and a lack of cash flow are the main reasons that apparel startups fail. (Forbes)
It's never been easier to start an apparel line, thanks to the internet. 

 But it's difficult to keep your apparel line in business AND truly profitable, because our industry is SO disjointed. 

Between fabric suppliers, garment manufacturers, jobbers, fabric finishers, dyers, trim suppliers, yarn spinners, weavers, knitters, sewing contractors, agents, wash houses... 

It's not clear who all these groups are, what they do (& what they DON'T do), and when YOU need to involve them in your process.

And where there is confusion, there is wasted money.
Tell Me...Does This Sound Familiar?
  • You want to create something bigger than yourself, and you want your apparel line to really succeed. Leaving a lasting legacy is something important to you, and expressing yourself while controlling your own destiny is pretty important, too.
  • So, you've researched manufacturing online, you've signed up for subscriptions to get access to lists of manufacturer names and material sources, but that hasn't worked. 
  • Because when you reach out to suppliers, they don't respond, or if they do, they never have what you need. 
  • When they DO have what you need, you can't afford it.  You have a feeling you're not asking the right questions, or presenting your company in the right way to be taken seriously. 
  • And it's not your fault. Having a list of names just isn't enough. 
  • You need expert guidance to get you through the development, testing, and sourcing so you can focus on your dream.
I've worked with apparel entrepreneurs to start their lines since 2010, and I've created a program that will help you start your line, too.
The Apparel Line Start Up System

  • Online program includes 6 modules, covering the creation of your business, through the first year.
  • 12+ hours of educational content in more than 50 lessons.
  • Done-for-you templates, workbooks, guides, sourcing directories, & resources to save you precious time and organize your line as you develop and produce it.
  • You get lifetime access to all course materials, all updates, 100% online, accessible across various devices.
Module 1: Setting Up Your Business Right, the First Time
  • How to decide which business set up is right for you now, and how that can change as your business grows.
  • Legal considerations you need to address, their cost implications, and some thoughts on WHEN to take action on them.
  • How to fund your line, including one of the most accessible ways to fund a line in the first year to help ensure your line's success.
  • How to crowd-fund your line the smart way, by avoiding the deadly apparel crowd-funding mistakes that apparel start ups BEG me to fix. 
  • How to create your customer attraction system that makes finding customers easy and fun, in less than an hour per day.
  • Social Marketing for Success: Find your ideal customers for your line as inexpensively as possible by meeting them where they are on social media.
Module 2: Planning Your Line
  • How to research trends in your market so you design what customers actually want.
  • Understand how long apparel creation really should take so you can be successful from the start.
  • Master the key processes you'll need to organize the development of samples for your line, so you can design and stop juggling piles of samples!
  • Learn effective ways to incorporate design details into your line.
  • Resource guides to help you plan almost effortlessly.
Module 3: How to Develop Your Line
  • Overview of how your sketches become patterns.
  • Overview of the sample fit process, so you know what should happen and when to deliver an amazing line on time
  • How to work with fabric and trim suppliers, so that you actually look forward to opening all those packages!
  • The key elements of developing fabrics, trims, and colors that lead to fewer headaches later.
  • Exact email templates, guides, video tutorials to streamline your whole process. Stop playing games with stacks of fabric and DESIGN THAT LINE!
  • Document templates to plug directly into your business so you can save time & money NOW!
Module 4: Quality: It's no Accident!
  • Learn to build quality and compliance into your product so that it's a SELLING POINT, not just something you have to do.
  • Discover the product testing you should spend money on, and the testing to skip.
  • A deep- dive on what you need to know about RSL, CPSIA, California Prop 65, REACH regulations and how they effect your business.
  • A smart testing plan specially-designed for the apparel start up that WON'T break the bank.  I nerd-ed out on all that, so you don't have to!
Module 5: Production
  • Step-by-step walk through garment production stages, and what you, as the apparel line owner, should know about them.
  • How to select a garment maker without feeling intimidated, even if you've never worked with a garment maker before!
  • How to work with your garment maker, after you've selected them, so they're more like a partner than JUST a garment maker.
  • Discover the agreements you should have in place with you garment maker to cut down confusion, and make the production process as smooth as silk. 
Module 6: Life After the First Production Shipment!
  • Yay!  You sold your first shipment of product.  YOU DID IT.  It's smooth sailing from here out.....right? Wrong. Stuff comes up- learn to get through it in this module.
  • Common First Year Problems every start up faces, and how you can move past them.
  • How fabric sourcing issues WILL arise, and how to master them.
  • The most common garment quality issues you'll encounter in the first year, and how it doesn't have to ruin you!
  • How to recover when you manufacturer let's you down during production.
Plus, these bonuses:
Global Material Sourcing Directory. Includes 600+ material sources. After working in the apparel industry for 20+ years, a person collects a few names, so here's my Rolodex to get you started :)

SNIP-ITs Communication Templates. Never get stuck wondering what to write suppliers, or worry that suppliers won't respond to your emails. These done-for-you documents, templates, guides streamline communication with suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers so you get the answers you need fast. These are the same templates I use with my elite clients.

Garment Costing Masterclass- a one-hour class detailing a 2-phase garment costing process. Understand garment cost sheets and how to integrate costing into your development process so you never pay more than you can afford.

I don't recommend anything I haven't experienced myself- that's how I know this program will help you launch your apparel line successfully.

So, if you purchase this program and work through all the lessons, workbooks, and after 30 days, you aren't seeing this program helping you organize your line and save you money, I'll happily refund your money. 
Choose the package that's right for you
The Basic package includes everything you've seen here- the entire program and all the bonuses.  

The Mastery package includes everything in the Basic Package, PLUS step-by-step weekly guidance for 6 weeks to work through the process of starting & optimizing your line. 

one time investment
  • Apparel Start Up System
  • BONUS: Global Material Sourcing Directory- over 600 material sources
  • BONUS: SNIP-ITs Done-for-You communication templates
One-time investment
  • Apparel Start Up System
  • 6 1-hour Group Coaching Sessions to provide feedback as you launch
  • BONUS: Global Material Sourcing Directory- over 600 material sources
  • BONUS: SNIP-ITS Done-for-You communication templates
Frequently Asked Questions
  • I haven't started a line yet. Is this program a good fit for me? If you plan to take action on starting an apparel line, this program is a good fit for you. You are actually in a great position to reap the benefits of all this program has to offer because you'll be able to implement everything I teach in the program from the beginning.
  • I have started a line. Is it too late to really benefit from this program? It isn't too late to benefit from this program. You will find Modules 3, 4, 5, and 6 particularly useful to you as you improve the efficiency of your current business using what I teach in the program.
  • Does this program teach you how to sketch? This program does NOT teach you how to sketch.  I recommend those resources once you join the program, but this is not a program that teaches how to sketch.
  • Does this program teach you how to make patterns? This program does NOT teach you how to make patterns.  I teach you how to approach working with a pattern maker, what to look for, etc, but this program doesn't teach you how to make patterns.
  • How is the program delivered? The program is delivered in video modules, downloadable .pdf worksheets, cheatsheets, email templates, spreadsheet templates.  All the course materials are accessible from a computer and other electronic devices using an internet connection.
  • How long do I have to access the course materials? You have access to all the materials, plus all future updates forever.
  • Is the course taught live? Some components will be taught live such as special bonuses. The Mastery level of the course includes live weekly calls during the 6 weeks of the program.
This Program is for You if:
  • You have invested time and/or money in starting an apparel line in the past, but you still need help.
  • You feel overwhelmed with finding manufacturers and fabric sources, and you wish you could just learn from an expert so you can move forward with your line.
  • You are just getting started, and you know that investing in a program with proven shortcuts and strategies will save you time and money.
  • You have the creative design aspect of launching the line covered, but you need help organizing all the moving parts behind the scenes that are required to start an apparel line.
  • You know that starting a line won't be easy, but that with the right tools, you'll be able to manage the process to launch your line.
  • You are comfortable with this program being delivered digitally.
This Program is NOT for You if:
  • You have never invested any time researching how to start an apparel line, or invested any money in starting an apparel line. Before investing time and money in this program, you should be sure that starting an apparel line is what you REALLY want to do.  If the answer is YES, this program could be a great fit! If the answer is NO, or I'M NOT SURE, you shouldn't invest in this program.
  • You are looking for a course that will show you how to sketch, use photoshop to create flats, or make clothes. I will definitely make recommendations as to who can help you learn that once you're in the program, but sketching and making clothing is NOT what this program is about.
  • You aren't comfortable with the idea of the program being delivered digitally.
About Michelle:
I've been in the apparel industry since 1993- I started my career in yarn creation, fabric creation, dyeing & finishing, while earning my BS and MS degrees in all things Textile Science. 

Then I moved to Fortune 100 companies to head up their development, sourcing, testing, color matching, & commercialization departments for apparel.

And since 2010, I've taken all this knowledge from the "Big Brands" and distilled it down to *exactly* what apparel startups and entrepreneurs need to know to launch their lines efficiently, effectively, in an organized way, spending as little of their precious capital as possible in the process.

I can't wait to help you, too.
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