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...and start developing and sourcing your apparel line in 4 weeks!
Is this you?
  •  You want to launch your line- like, now- but you don’t know where to start looking for the *right* sources for fabrics, trims, and garment makers. There has to be a better way than an internet search and sheer luck.
  •  You find a fabric supplier at a show, and they tell you they can make your quantity “no problem”. Then, 3 months into conversations with them, they back out, and you’re left with no fabric, and no line to launch.
  •  The idea of sourcing garments scares the crap out of you because you’re a designer, not a supply chain expert, but you don’t make enough money to hire a production manager to do it for you.
  • You know you need to make sure your fabric is high quality, but have no clue how to do that, and you're afraid it's going to cost a fortune.
  • You have a dream of starting your line, so you've done some research and taken an online course. But none of them actually show you exactly how to do it. They just give you vague information on what steps to take, but not much more than that. The info is handy, but you still haven't started your line.
  • My name is Michelle Roberts, and I’ve been sourcing materials and developing lines in the apparel industry for almost 20 years. I’ve worked to develop thousands of materials and countless lines over the years, and I’ve distilled down my best practices to help small apparel brands to successfully launch the backend of their apparel business.  
If I've learned ONE thing over all those years, it's that small brands CAN successfully manage the launch of an apparel line- they just need a proven system in place that works.
Tell me if this sounds familiar...
  • You find fabrics you love, but mills seem to be $hit at actually responding to your emails.
  • You’re intimidated to reach out to suppliers and garment makers. What if they find out how small you are, and refuse to do business with you?
  • You have no idea how to actually “do business” with suppliers, and you’re pretty sure you’re paying more than you should.
  • You’re frustrated because you wish you could just design your line and leave the backend for someone else to manage, but you don’t make that kind of money yet to afford a development or production manager. 
  • You have a business loan coming due and suppliers are screwing you around- but you have no idea what to do about it.
  • You could put your heart, soul, tons of money, and countless hours into your apparel line, and after giving everything you’ve got- it still fails. Your hopes and dreams of having a line are done if that happens. And how could you face all your friends and family, knowing that they know your idea to launch a line didn’t work?  And as if the disappointment is not enough, now you’ll have the burden of business loans and credit card payments to pay back, with no successful line to look forward to building.
Now, imagine for a minute that...
  •  You know exactly how and where to source every item in your line from beginning to end.  
  •  You’re able to get more responses from material suppliers than you need, and you can confidently ask for (and get) the type of material that fits your collection perfectly. And you know exactly how much you should pay for them.
  •  You know exactly what your line should cost, and how many units you need to sell each year to support your business.
  •  When one supplier has last-minute shipment issues, you know exactly how you are going to resolve the problems to keep your launch dates on track.
  •  You confidently find suppliers and garment makers for your line, even when your line changes.
  •  You’ve created such seamless processes that you can hire staff and interns who are able to step into your business to take on the development and sourcing, leaving you more time to design.
This is all possible with the Apparel Business Blueprint!
After working with me through the Blueprint program, you'll:

  • Master and manage the supply chain, development, and production processes of your apparel business, but with less time and frustration so you can focus more of your energy on designing your successful line. 
  • Be confident in knowing that you aren’t spending more $$ than you should as you develop your line. 
  • Have the knowledge & know-how you need to create successful lines again and again for years to come.
In short, you’ll have the systems you need to launch the line you’ve always wanted From material sourcing, color matching, quality assurance, costing, to working with garment makers and shipping product, you’ll know exactly how to launch your line.

"We joined Apparel Business Blueprint because The Runway Lansing suggested we explore Michelle's services. 
 Before we joined the Apparel Business Blueprint, we had product concepts, but we lacked the expertise we needed to turn our concepts into reality. 

This program provided the education AND the resources we needed to get our project off the ground! Michelle has been instrumental in helping us source our product line, as well as understand the nuances of working with various suppliers and vendors.

The Apparel Business Blueprint has exceeded every expectation, and it's worth every dime. You will feel like Michelle is your own private consultant. 

As a startup, determining where to spend valuable resources- your money and your time- can be difficult! However the Apparel Business Blueprint has been one of THE BEST investments we have made- hands down, and without a doubt!"

Leigh Warner, Patten Place

"I worked with Michelle to help me during the production process of my apparel line. I knew I needed help with production management. I needed help making decisions on the logistics of managing production, ordering trims, communicating my needs to my garment maker, and a ton of other tedious- but crucial- details. Before we started working together, I was hoping that she would have relevant, practical advice for exactly where I am in the process. I was afraid that it could all be just theoretical, instead of unique to MY situation. 

Now, after working with Michelle, I am MUCH more confident in knowing and executing the steps that are necessary and the logistics of how the whole process fits-and my first shipment of dresses is already delivered to my customers! 

Michelle was so responsive and so helpful to my very specific questions about how my supply chain should operate. I feel like she personally cares about my company and it's success."

"I have already recommended coaching with Michelle to others who are starting apparel lines."

Rebekah Murray- Virginia Dare Dresses

I joined the Apparel Business Blueprint because I felt stuck in the startup stage of my line. I didn't know what steps to take to move forward or what things I needed to spend my time learning.

The Apparel Business Blueprint Program gave me the clarity to take steps forward in my business and the courage to actually take action rather than always just planning and dreaming.

The Apparel Business Blueprint is going to save me a TON of saved in material costs, as well as no longer feeling the need to take a million training courses before I feel ready enough to launch. This program is so hands-on and supportive. Whether you are just getting started or you're already up and running, I would highly recommend this training program. It is one of the few programs out there that actually provides concrete business information (not just the random emotional stuff), as well as 1-on-1 support.

Tracy Morin, Sebxet Fashions

“Michelle's in-depth knowledge about the apparel industry is quite impressive. Her coaching takes care of all the frustrations and hitches one generally experiences in this business when it comes to sourcing materials. I cherish the fact that she keeps in touch with you after the coaching is over. She goes that extra mile to supports your growth which is priceless!!

I would totally recommend the coaching because it arms you with the required skill to tackle the unavoidable challenges that comes up. It also helps to keep you focused and on the right track....for me after material coaching with Michelle I felt greatly relieved it became "yes! I can do this!" moment.

Suzy A., A2Me Fashions

Here's What You Get:
One week of Pre-work before the program starts so that:
  • You know exactly where to price your line because you know exactly how much money you need to make per item you sell
  • You prepare yourself to take MASSIVE action to develop and source your line during our time together
  • I can get my eyes on your line plan to start planning how best to help YOU develop your line!
And then:

4 weeks of me working side by side with you on the development and production 

  •  Supply Chain Selection & Material Development: You'll choose your exact supply chain from beginning to end, complete with multiple options for each step.  I'll work with you to finalize it (where you need my help).  You'll create your apparel creation timeline so that you know EXACTLY how long you'll need for each step.  And, you’ll begin reaching out to specific suppliers during our time together with the exact development communication templates I’ve used for years. You’ll be armed with everything you need to develop, test, and color match all the materials in your line, including prints, yarn dyes, and other specialty fabrics.

  •  Developing Your Styles: After this module, you’ll create new tech packs or refine your existing ones for each style in your line, using my tried and true templates. These tech packs are crucial for each style in your line, because they serve as the exact recipe for every garment in your line. 

  •  Choosing and Working With a Garment Maker: After this module, you’ll identify and interview a list of garment makers we put together for your line. You’ll have the exact agreements and templates that you need to have in place with each garment maker, so that your business is valued and treated with respect. 

  •  We’ll create the following backend structure together for your line:
  •  Line Plan for your line- A line plan is a summary of your entire apparel line, with key details included like price, vendor, material details, sketches, and cost/price information for each style.  A line plan is a working document that you can add into your business plan to show how valuable your business will become once it's launched, and you can modify your line plan to share with potential buyers so they can see your full line at-a-glance.
  •  Tech packs for each style in your line- The tech pack takes each style in your line and breaks it down into a full "recipe" for that style.  It is the formal documentation that your garment makers will use to create each style, and it is absolutely critical for success.
  •  Backend organization plan so you can keep track of everything as it comes in for evaluation. 
  •  My eyes on your line every step of the way as we build out your supply chain, line plan, and tech packs so you can get started sourcing your line.
  •  Access to my database of over 700 suppliers that you’ll use to initiate your material developments with my guidance where you need it.
  •  Templates to plug directly into your business to save you hours of precious time. 
  •  Weekly live calls to educate you on the systems you’re setting up, plus tips and strategies that work, plus a Q&A session each week on that week’s topic.
  •  Industry Resource List for extra support in launching your line.
  • Full access to me so that you get as much help as you need while you plan and source your line!
  • Daily Facebook support during the 4 weeks of the program
Pre-work period starts November 20th,
 Weekly Calls and Modules released each Monday: November 27th, December 4th, December 11th, December 18th
PRICE: $497 (10 spots remaining) 

At the end of the day, the mistakes many new apparel businesses make cost them WAY more than $697. I want to shortcut your success and help you not get ripped off in the process. That way, you can start selling your line and making money SOONER!

"I absolutely was not 100% confident with sourcing before the training with Michelle. Being a self-taught emerging designer, it's sometimes intimidating for me to communicate with fabric and textile companies. The information Michelle provided gave me the confidence to move forward with sourcing my fabric for my collection. Michelle gives key strategies for future planning AND the right terminology to use when contacting textile companies. Thanks, Michelle!" - Jhirae Talmadge- Trouser9 Designer

I haven't sold anything. Can I still benefit from this program?
You can. As long as you are committed to taking action to launch your line, you will benefit from this program.  

Why is this price so much lower than your 1-on-1 services?
This is the 2nd time I’m teaching this material in a group format. This content is usually saved for my one-on-one elite clients, so I want to be certain that this program exceeds your expectations AND delivers exactly what you need. That is also why there are only 10 spots available in this round.

Will this program help me learn to sketch?
No. This program is not about learning to sketch. 

Will I get to keep all the course materials?
Yes! You’ll have access to all the recordings and all the resources after the 4 week program is over. Building a line takes time, and you'll need access to these materials as you build your business.

How quickly can I see a return on my investment in this course? 
You’ll likely see a return on your investment in this course on your first material order for just one style of your collection. One of my past students has forecast that she'll save between $5000-$10000 from taking part in the program. Even on a small order of 100 yards, if you use my advice and save $3.00 per yard on one order of one fabric, you’ll save $300. And that’s $300 saved for just one fabric. Multiple that by your number of fabrics, then factor in all the time you save by using my directories and templates, and you get the picture. Like my client, you can pretty easily save in the thousands of dollars by using this program to get your line moving forward.  

Is this program something I can take on my own time, or do I have to show up for the calls? 
You *could* skip the calls because they are recorded, but I wouldn’t recommend it. There is a method to how this program is laid out, and I want you to get the full value of it by showing up for the live calls, getting the weekly lesson, asking questions there, and then completing the Apparel Line Action Items for your specific line each week. If you don’t get my help while we’re live together for those 4 weeks, you won’t get the full value of the program.
Do I need to buy anything else for this program to work?
No, I do recommend a few time saving tools during the program, but they are way under $10 per month, if you choose to use them.

“I had no hesitation at all in working with Michelle. Getting specific materials that may work best for my product and then getting contact information for vendors that supply that material was a huge help, and having worked with Michelle provided credibility when working with outside vendors. I would absolutely recommend her!” Chris Priddy

"I took Michelle's Apparel Line Start Up System and worked with her. She is great!" - Susanne Quirk, Founder of Pink & Rowe

"I took the online class "From Sketches to Samples" and it was wonderful! I really appreciate being provided the details information, especially regarding the tech pack template. It is very useful in helping to keep things meticulously organized. Thanks again!" Fatima Tynnetta

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